Thursday, October 14, 2010

I love love love punches here is my latest and greatest coming soon to my doorstep

I got the corner one to this one too

I bought this for a friend

I feel in love with these wood numbers

So many possibilities with this one

I love anything to do with cooking

These chipboard pieces I ordered two boxes lol

 This was different so I will enjoy it
I am hoping that I enjoy this it's new and I hope I know I may end up using it for a friend of mine's XMas present I haven't decided yet.? She doesn't blog or get around much so I always have to show her what's out there. Imagine that.!

Chipboard pieces that I might just use on layouts or could be a mini book not sure

Well I own a cricut but yet to use it, but this should do the trick I cannot wait for this to hit the doorstep...I am hoping to buy someone a cup of coffee to show me how to play with it and or when I go to a crop again someday! It's been so long since I've cropped away from home.

For a special friend of mine

and the best for last how cool is this I cannot wait for it to hit my doorstep.
It looks like a lot but I got a fabulous deals on it all .. All of it except the cartridge but at 40% off your money goes along way.. Woo Hoo and I personally since June have not been shoppping so this felt so so good
Oh and one more present I got two fo these as well one for me and one for a friend who will not even be expecting it.. I bought something else but cannot show it as the person may see her Xmas present. Yes I break it out and start some shopping now so that it's so bad at the last minute.! I am so happy!!!
So let the fun begin soon....


  1. Omg Karen, Jen will die for that Monkey with coffee cups...

  2. It looks like you are going to have a happy mail day very soon!



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