Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pages from the Heart My New Favorite Lss

Well as we all know due to Economic times some of the Brick and Mortar's are falling to the way side
it's hard to touch, feel, go to a physical store. 
I personal love to shop this way online prices for freight I rarely do unless it's a group buy or one of these
I treat myself ever so often to some fun new items. This year is the year of the tool.
Why the year of the tool because the tools you can actually make your own embellishments
which I'm trying to do a bit more due to the fact there isn't somewhere just to run and get everything
from. A store can only carry so much.  So I am focusing on purchasing dies, punches, ephiphany is my
new love so anything tool related...
So this is the store I took the Nikki Sivils class and boy was that so much fun. It's got a real character this
store so if you are looking for a store to buy some scrappy supplies in Southern California this is the
place to go...
Here is the owner of the store carrying one of my favorite lines. P.s. Nikki Signed the sign for her to how cool is that.

Here is a photo of the class but look at the cute brick is this store so give it a try I know you won't be disappointed.
So as you see how sweet the store is we had a full class.
Crops are usually sold out so come on in and take a peek.  All the Local Lss need your support the Shop hop will be soon so go out and support as many as you can. We all love to crop with friends and so I say to you my friends go out and support your Lss. 

There is local places great to eat and there is a local Movie theater if you want to shop and
hubby take in a movie? or while you take a class your kids and hubby can take in a movie.
 Real cute part of town. I'm just sayin.... I am gonna crop there
in a couple weeks with some old friends. I haven't had much time but this year I am on Scrap
Fever.... I love my crafty time and I make a lot of gifts for friends and all my cards are made
never bought!
Well my friends I have to get crafty... I have some sketches to finish up and some cleaning
Have a great week.


  1. I have to say that it was such a cute store...
    Thanks for the fun birthday gift that was such
    fun time and looking forward to getting something done....
    Thanks for introducing me to this place.

  2. I am looking forward to checking this place out. Thanks for sharing it with me.

  3. Thanks for coming by and leaving such a kind comment on my Haiku mini-book. I'm the same way in that I love to browse in an actual store where I can touch and feel the supplies. How great that you support your LSS this way.



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