Saturday, August 6, 2011


Today I felt like completing a layout challenge on Practical Scrappers.  It is their 2nd Anniversary so each day they gave a piece to the layout.  I began pulling all my supplies and today they added the last 2 pieces and I had to remember the time since it was another time zone.  I thought I looked it up correct, but was off and things happened that were not in my control -- the computer didn't want to work in the last few minutes I had, earlier the neighbors to our side and behind decided to sit on the wall and hold a pinata string which drove the dogs crazy and I was afraid they would get his leg.  Who would have thought this would happen?  I don't know them since it is a rental.
Anyway these are the ingredients and you can mix them.

Day One: CARDSTOCK & PATTERNED PAPER (Easy to see my dotted white paper and black and red cardstock)
Day Two: FLOWER (OR FLOWERS) & RIBBON (Pleated ribbon at bottom of picture and flowers are after and before the word dessert and on the buttons)
Day Three: BUTTON (OR BUTTONS) & BLING (Buttons holding up banner and bling on flower, also letters)
Day Four: STICKER (OR STICKERS) & INK (ANY TYPE - MARKER, PAD, DISTRESSING, ETC) (Stickers are the letters and the banner is inked black)
Day Five: FLOSS OR TWINE & SOMETHING RED (Twine is holding the banner up and in the buttons and red is all over the layout)
Day Six: BRAD (OR BRADS) & CHIPBOARD (One brad in center of picture and the banner is chipboard inked)

and this is what I came up with:

I hope you enjoy the layout since we enjoyed the Dessert!


  1. Look at you go and that picture just makes me want to go agin the best cheesecake amd creme brulee

  2. oooo, that dessert does look fabulous - and so does your layout! Love the banner! Thanks for visiting my blog and playing with us at Practical Scrappers!



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