Monday, September 28, 2009

Centerpiece for Challenge #50

Here is my centerpiece for the Cuttlebug Challenge #50.  I have my famous mug with the boa fluff, then a small teaspoon, a tea bag, and then I added 2 flowers (one in front and back). 
I am also putting a picture without the flowers.  I am not sure which way I am going.
The mug is a Red Hat mug and will be given away to the lady who has a mark on her chair.
I embossed with dotted swiss folder the 2 flowers and of course the mug.

The mug also has the sparkly letters that say:  HB 2U.


  1. How cute is that, Karen?? Great Job!
    Thanks for partying with us at Cuttlebug Challenge Blogspot... see you tomorrow at the last challenge of our Birthday Palooza!


  2. that spoon is to die for and that mug adorable

  3. this is a scream! I love that spoon, it looks like you had fun making it!!

    Thanks for joining the party at cuttlebug challenge!



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