Thursday, September 3, 2009

A month long Event Cuttlebug Challenge Spot

CUTTLEBUG CHALLENGE SPOT.. They are having a month long Party I hope to partcipate in as much as possible they will have party favors, prizes and just plain ol fun.. As I learn and grow with the new experiences I am just having a blast. I have expanded my search for challenges and I feel so good inside that I have been doing things outside my box.

I can't wait to get my invitation done for this and flow along with the party well that 's if my job duties are done first. My son is coming to see me this weekend so not so much crafty until he's gone I love when he comes to visit me. My two sons are the best in the world they treat me as if I were the Queen did I say I LOVE MY SONS

So check out my posts and play along with some of the contest and places it's been a lot of fun
You don't need a cuttlebug machine to play so go read the blog and see if you want to play. I have a friend on there she is doing the Hello Kitty party! Her name is Karen too

Happy long Weekend to you all.

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  1. Thanks for the call last nite you I was in a panic thinking I signed up & u didn't I promise to be in much better communication with ya from now on! I am gonna try to play some of these things but life has been in the way a lot Enjoy your visit with boys Sorry about Saturday once again I totally have been free for three weeks and now boom I still am hoping to pop in over there but will see what happens... Take care happy long weekend.



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