Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Cardmaker I am

I have just been having so much fun making cards lately following blogs, being challenged with it I have grown so much in the last three months as a crafter. I have all you blog challenge people to thank. I am looking forward to all my new adventures and of course getting my Thesis done which is gonna take away from my crafting here but I promise to take time out each weekend to do at least two challenges so that I get the creative outlet that I need in life. I definetly will need a break. I am doing a retreat for a weekend of nothin but scrapping , gifts and cards. Speaking of which I get to crop this weekend again I have had such a great month I am just still wearing a happy smile from the experiences and people I have met. Thank you all. I have become addicted to sketch blogs I love to play along with as many as I can. Have a wonderful Thursday everyone I hope I did this post right it's a scheduled one so I hope that I did it right
Also I am gonna be sending some cards to hopefully I can send them off soon to them since it takes forever to get to them and they have time to send to their families. I feel really good to be doing this they deserve it!

1 comment:

  1. Karen,
    that's great on the I know that Ive done it a couple times and I love it.

    Haha I have to say everysince you gave me that book I have been addicted that started it.
    Thanks again i love it.



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