Saturday, September 7, 2013


What links or ideas do you have for storing your Inks.?
Embellies assorted.
What do you take with you to a crop... I'm trying to get
Organized to be more productive..
YOUR THOUGHTS and SUGGESTIONS are truly appreciated.!
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  1. gosh i'm so not organized... i always try to be but never managed it in the end....always happy to find my things back, even !

  2. sorry I don't have any crazy ideas.. paper by manufacturer in my crop cubes with dividers. newer paper is by me. my inks are in a drawer but the ones I use all the time are on my desk in my tote. asst embellies are in a drawer or some lil cute colored plastic containers on my desk, so I can see from them and pull them out quickly. for a crop I pre pack kits or bring collections from a line, and then some alphas, asst embellies.



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