Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Double Trouble Layout with dog problems

Here is Day 5 post and while I was taking a picture of the layout I went to move it and it had an accident.  Either I didn't glue 1 letter or didn't glue it well enough and it fell off, I went to go grab it and my dog had it already.  I think he thought the grungy letter was a treat.  By the time he finished with it , it did not look like the letter "B".  So I drove to 3 stores and looked at 2 stores online and no one had the letters.  Well, I have found it now and it is on order, but I am posting it even thought it is missing the "B".  I will post when it arrives.  I have never had that happen before, guess he was hungry.

So here is my layout and the title should read "Double Trouble".  I used the challenge for doing the same picture twice at My Sketch World.

I used Tim Holtz Paper pad, his words put together like something I wanted to say, clips, twine, ribbon, and resist alphabets using stain over them to match the blue.

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1 comment:

  1. I think that just might be the funniest crafting story I've heard yet! It looks great even without the B, and I'm glad you were able to locate the letters!



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